Due to develop the skills and capabilities of Al-Nahrain university employees, it is a pleasure for ECC to establish particular free courses for staff & employees according to the date indexed for each. For free courses click here


Computer center announces for training courses during 2017 first semester. These courses are defined especially for universities & governmental department’s staff for the purpose of promotion and progression, as well available for students interested in these courses with subsidized fee.

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Al-Nahrain University established a workshop about the e-government system transformation strategy, by participation of researchers and specialists from various faculties of the university. Dr. Abdulkareem Merhej Radhi ECC director mentioned, the aim of workshop is to increase the knowledge, experience and getting access to new developments and technologies of e-government to participate in improving the level of efficiency and effectiveness in the administrative and scientific performance among professors, researchers and members of the university and formations.

ECC hold a workshop on Monday 13th.Feb.2017, 10 AM to introduce “Warehouse Management Program” which designed and implemented by the staff of the center. All formations of Al-Nahrain University were invited to intend & participate by their representatives to discuss their observations and suggestions about the designed program. As it has been a trading about designing and implementing systems and software’s contributed by ECC.

Electronic computer center (ECC) established the university master plan aiming to achieve E-government, due to archiving and automating all effective administrative regulations of university presidency and formations. The heads of preliminary and postgraduate studies departments at university presidency and representative of registration division at college of Information Engineering where invited to negotiate ECC intention in implementing Student Registration Unified System (SRUS), discussing the most important problems and obstacles encountered in providing accurate and updated data.

اجتماع حول نظام تسجيل الطلبة الموحددورة في نظام التشغيل LINUXورشة عملاجتماع حول نظام تسجيل الطلبة الموحداجتماع حول نظام تسجيل الطلبة الموحدالشعبة الادارية والماليةدورة برمجية في SQLدورة في Excelدورة تدريبية في Microsoft Excelدورة في برنامج Microsoft wordدورة في تطبيقات الArduinoكادر المركزشعبة البرمجةشعبة صيانة الحاسبات والشبكات

اجتماع حول نظام تسجيل الطلبة الموحد

دورة في نظام التشغيل LINUX

ورشة عمل

اجتماع حول نظام تسجيل الطلبة الموحد

اجتماع حول نظام تسجيل الطلبة الموحد

الشعبة الادارية والمالية

دورة برمجية في SQL

دورة في Excel

دورة تدريبية في Microsoft Excel

دورة في برنامج Microsoft word

دورة في تطبيقات الArduino


شعبة البرمجة

شعبة صيانة الحاسبات والشبكات