The Organizational Structure of ECC

1. Programming Division: This division deals with the analysis and designing systems using modern programming languages. It is also responsible for designing applications needed by various ministries as well as private sector organizations. Moreover it is responsible for ALNahrain University website and its detailed database feeding and back up process.

2. Continuous Education Division: The division is concerned with training and rehabilitating employees through academic training programs prepared by the center. Egovernment work is the major part that this division is responsible for.

3. Networks Division: It is concerned with the task of constructing a wireless network within the university to connect all the university formations by utilizing all possible resources.

4. Maintenance Division: The task of this division is maintaining the electronic devices such as printers, computers and portable devices. It also runs and maintains the electronic networks.


5. Studies and Planning Division: This division is responsible for preparing field research measuring the training and development courses that are necessary for the university formations.

6. Administrative and Financial Division: This division is concerned with the completion of administrative work at the center in coordination with other divisions at it. It lists dates of future activities and facilitates participation in those courses and training sessions. Besides, this division is responsible mainly for accounting and financial audit at the Center.