Computer Center looks forward to achieving the following objectives:
1. Connecting all the university formations within a unified government network to reduce paper work in official correspondence. This will also reduce time consumed for the accomplishment of certain tasks and increase the accuracy and speed of tasks accomplishment.

2. Developing the skills and capacity of all users and prepare them for better use of electronic data systems.

3. Establishing a central multi-dimensional databases that contribute in providing a rich information environment for AL-Nahrain University presidency Offices. This will enable these offices to analyze and evaluate the data that is going to be part of a later admin and academic decision-making.

4. Drawing on the fact that electronic education is not a substitute for traditional education, the center attempts to provide e-education as an integrative part to the traditional education. In cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the UNESCO worked to establish a center in every Iraqi university to transform studying bags into electronic ones that should be available to all students at all time. Changing all the Course Portfolio into electronic courses is a major part in the establishment of the Center which also support and back up AVI-CENNA Center for E-learning at AL-Nahrain University, including satisfying its technical and scientific needs to achieve its objectives. The establishment of the Computer Center at the university was preceded by determining the needs and requirements of the center by a detailed workshop, which was held at the University of Kufa prior to its establishment. There, a director with two other experts were nominated to lead the Center.

5. Cooperating with other private and governmental institutions to develop their employees’ skills and provide electronic databases systems for the purpose of marketing them to those institutions as satisfies their needs.

6. Supporting scientific research by providing developed laboratories where internationally accredited scientific specifications are available. The center is responsible in following up the teaching staff activities and researchers through the use of Iraqi virtual library (IVSL).

7. Updating the design as well as the database of AL-Nahrain University website. The university website is one of the most important factors that measure the progress of the university in comparison to other international universities.

8. The Computer Center can help other Iraqi institution by establishing and maintaining build their own wire or wireless networks due to the fact that AL-Nahrain University has embraced a highly-qualified scientific staff in the field of advanced network engineering.

9. Granting international certificates through direct tests after coordinating with national and international institutions.

10. The Center seeks to establish Clouding System to utilize all the resources in the best way.